RCM Architects have been involved with campus land planning on the University of Findlay campus since 1996. 

Our latest efforts involve the development of a new master plan, assisting the University with proposed building locations centered around the idea of a pedestrian-based college campus.  Much of the existing campus is segmented and disrupted by streets and parking lots criss-crossing the campus.  Widening sidewalks and creating pedestrian malls will assist with walking to and from classes without having to worry about vehicular conflicts.  The Proposed Master Plan also addresses parking at the edges of campus, proposed facility needs for new buildings and/or infrastructure, green space that the campus currently lacks, and other misc. student life and recreation issues.  A major difference in our recent edition of the master plan is the inclusion of sustainable design principles across the campus, including proposed geo-thermal fields and bio-swales to environmentally assist with energy and stormwater needs.

After an active engagement of students, staff and administration, we completed our work on this campus master plan in late 2011.

services provided:
landscape architecture