When First Christian Church in Springfield, Ohio needed a consultant to help shape their future worship space, they placed their faith in RCM Architects' faith-based design experience.

A new 59,000 sf worship and education facility was developed on a new, 40 acre site just outside of Springfield.  The 1,000 seat worship space included a 3,000 sf. platform and a flat, multi-use floor for the congregation.  A large, double drive-thru canopy drops guests off at the front door

Education was also at the forefront of the design.  Adult and children assembly areas were planned adjacent to multiple classrooms for the various programs of the Church.  A coffee bar was designed in close proximity to these classrooms.  The entire facility is fully networked for data, presentation, and telecommunications, which was rare when the facility was designed and constructed in 2004.

services provided:
interior design