Findlay's art scene is going to get a great boost in 2015 with the completion of the new Marathon Center for the Performing Arts.  This gem is a 1940's Art Deco inspired community theater, formerly a part of Center Middle School, constructed during The Great Depression.  The school building has since been torn down, leaving the theater to be transformed into a 21st century education and entertainment masterpiece. 

Already saved from the wrecking ball, the auditorium is now being renovated for the enjoyment of future generations of Findlay and Hancock County residents and their visitors.  When completed, the new performing arts center will invigorate the community's art scene, increase educational opportunities, and provide an exciting space to serve contemporary audiences.  It will also contribute to the area's economic development and workforce appeal, and to Findlay's distinctive quality of life.

The auditorium will be completely renovated.  The former seating, from Central Middle School, of about 1,300 will be reduced to 1,000 to improve site lines, access, and comfort.  It will have an enlarged stage-house, including fly space for lighting and rigging, and wings to give performers ample area to move on and off the stage.  The rest of the center will feature rehearsal space, an art gallery, and multipurpose space.   Outside the building, the former school's parking lot will be expanded to hold 225 cars, while also providing summer event space for concerts and art events.

services provided:
landscape architecture
interior design