Findlay, Ohio - Imagine a trail system that spurs economic development, attracts tourists and provides a valuable amenity to residents of Findlay and Hancock County.  Imagine a trail system that attracts joggers, walkers, and bike commuters each workday.  Imagine a trail system that serves as a recruiting and retaining tool for businesses.   Imagine a trail system that increases home values by having trails located in close proximity to residential properties.  Imagine a happier and healthier populace because of the sense of freedom and wellness that trails create.

 With input from community leaders, agency representatives, and individuals serving on a trails subcommittee and focus group, the Hancock Park District along with RCM Architects, Inc. developed a Multi-Use Trails Master Plan.  The planning efforts for this project were made possible by grants from the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation and The Hancock Parks Foundation.

The Multi-Use Trails Master Plan involves the design and development of a trail system that can accommodate a variety of leisure activities, while enhancing opportunities for non-motorized travel throughout the community; connecting neighborhoods, parks, schools, and other community locations.  It will feature two types of trail designs.  A Connector Trail will be used throughout neighborhoods and city streets (seen above), while a Greenway Trail will allow for connections to be made along the Blanchard River and/or the other various creeks and streams throughout Findlay.  When completed, the Master Plan will define routings for about 102 miles of trails throughout Findlay and Hancock County.   

The Master Plan will be used as a guide in the decision making process for the planning and implementation of the trails.  The plan is designed to be dynamic, in that it allows for changes and updates to be made as portions of the trails are developed for construction.