This past year has been remarkable for RCM Architects. Having survived the recent recession in the construction industry, the year began with projects from clients both old and new. Virtually overnight, the "workload switch" turned to full-on, and we have been busy with new challenges and new opportunities throughout the year.

When our friends hear of the various projects in which we are involved, they ask, "Why are you successful? Is it your marketing, your creativity, your experience, your staff?" While all of these factors have certainly contributed to a great year, our favored response is, "We are blessed!"

When past clients trust us again with their design projects, RCM is blessed with a continued relationship. When new clients ask us to serve them with their needs, RCM is blessed with new relationships and new opportunities. Even when we fail to successfully market a desired project, we have been blessed with the opportunity to share our qualifications.

Being blessed is a concept based in faith and humility. When we say, "We are blessed," we should never suppose that it is because we are special. Instead, we must recognize that we are made special because we are blessed.

This is the miracle of the blessing. Regardless of our circumstances, when we recognize that all we have, and quite possibly, even what we do not have, is a blessing from God, it is then that we are truly blessed.

For 51 years, RCM Architects has been so blessed. We have enjoyed wonderful clients, committed staff and exciting projects which have stirred our hearts, stretched our skills and shaped our communities. We are indeed blessed.

During this Christmas season and in the coming New Year, may you and yours "be blessed."

W. Jerry Murray, President